“El Salsódromo” or the Salsa parade


Salsa ParadeMaybe the most significant event during Cali’s fair, is its inaugural show: El Salsódromo (or the Salsa parade), which is the starting point of the amazing experiences that the city has to offer throughout these celebrations. Recently declared intangible heritage of the Nation, the Salsodrómo gathers as much as half a million spectators from all over the world coming here to witness a journey of magic and color, thanks to impressive performances brought by Salsa parade  dancers in flashy costumes, accompanied by stunning floats.

Every December 25, the Autopista Suroriental has been the place where academies of Salsa bring the most exciting, cheerful and energetic show to the delight of viewers in what’s known as the worlds greatest Salsa parade.

Salsa ParadeThis year, the Salsódromo stands along 2 km, and for five hours, the crowd will appreciate the results of six months of preparation. 1,150 “Salsa caleña” professional dancers, more than 200 amateurs, and over 50 children are going to perform mesmerizing choreographies, impersonating fabulous characters to the beat of Salsa music interpreted by hundreds of the best musicians and singing artists.

There will also be a foreign Guest Comparsa, while 3 orchestras (two locals and one international) will be playing on the parade floats across the Salsódromo. “Colombian Peace” is the selected theme for this 59th installment as it’s expressed by its slogan “Al Con-Paz del Barrio”, which is a play on words that refers to peace in neighborhoods as recognition of the effort made by the city of Cali and its inhabitants in achieving it.

This way, the Feria de Cali 2016 begins and gives an opening to the many spectacles still to come to please locals and foreigners.






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