Medellin’s Flowers Festival. Nature and Music!

Flowers Festival in Medellin

Do you like to smell flowers? Do you enjoy discovering new cultures as well as their fauna and flora? Do you feel attracted to the peaceful and cheerful environment nature can offer to us? If your answer to those questions above then let me tell you we have the perfect place for that! And it is here in Medellin – Colombia!

Carnivalistic Mood

For 10 days the cultural event hosts one of the most important ceremonies in Colombia, and for sure, the most important one in Medellin. Tourists who are in Medellin when the florwers festival takes place are able  to enjoy many musical presentations as well as parades and caravans.

medellinFlowers Festival in Paisa Culture

The smell of daisies and orchids has been setting the atmosphere for this amazing festival for 59 years, since the first celebration took place in 1957. Medellin, which is also called “The City of the Eternal Spring,” gathers an important amount of people, not only from Antioquia but also the whole country and to remember praise the values from Paisa culture .

There is always something to do in the Flowers Festival!

One of the best things about the Flowers Festival in Medellin is that it nevers runs out of activities! Perfect for people who loves nature and parades, these are some of the most popular events you can find in this festival:

  • Sillesteros’ Parade
  • Sound on Wheels (Perfect for young people, beautiful cars playing modern music!)
  • Antiques fair (Incredible historical and cultural value)
  • Popular Music Stages
  • The Horses Fair
  • And many more!

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