Places to go around Cali-Colombia

Places to go Located to the south of Cali, Pance is a great place to be in touch with nature. Here you’ll find gorgeous waterfalls, hiking trails, native fauna and all types of activities for outdoors enthusiasts.

Places to Go Visit one of the worlds best wind & kitesurf spots: Lake Calima, 1.5-hour drive away from Cali. There are several windsurf academies by the lake, so you won’t miss the full-of-adrenaline rush of nautical sports.

Places to goDeclared World Heritage and especially known for scuba diving expeditions, Isla Gorgona is a remote Island in the Colombian Pacific reachable from Cali either via Buenaventura (2.5 hrs to the west by car) or by regional flights available from Cali to Guapi. You can stay over there in a modern Eco-friendly hotel.

Places to go Looking for a good day-trip?  Places to Go to San Cipriano, a little town near Cali, and have a refreshing splash in any of its many river beaches; or enjoy a funny adventure by tube-riding down the river. How fun is that, right?

If you’re looking for a more spiritual-oriented journey, then visit the nice and peaceful city of Buga, a 1-hour drive from Cali. This is a bucolic small city with charming colonial buildings. We especially advise visiting the Basilica, a major Catholic pilgrimage location in Colombia.

Places to go Want a treat? Visit Jamundi, a half hour drive from Cali, and ask for its famous Cholados, definitely the best of the entire region.

Places to go Approximately 3 hours drive from Cali, you will find “Parque del Café”, the base of the Colombian Coffee Museum. Among all its attractions, you must watch the theatrical show, which explains its local coffee culture.

And finally, you won’t miss paying a visit to the 4th best zoo in Latin America, with the highest standards in animal managing and conservation, the Cali’s Zoo. The park, located within the City forest and by the Cali River, has about 2500 animals of 233 species. to Go - Feria de Cali

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