Places to visit: Monuments and Historical Icons

La Capilla de San Antonio. Monuments

Monuments and Icons in Cali: to Saint Antony’s church is a baroque-type temple, built in 1747 at the top of a hill at the heart of Barrio San Antonio, a popular neighborhood due to its colonial architecture and location, which boasts great views of the city. This is a great area to visit, packed with many restaurants, hotels, and hostels and it’s the preferred place for Americans to stay in town.


Mirador Sebastian de Belalcazar.

Monuments Since the city was founded by the Spanish conquistador Sebastian de Belalcazar, there is a statue and observation point built in his honor in a charming residential area of Cali, where you can look out over the entire city and appreciate the topography of it. The right hand of the Belalcazar statue points towards the Pacific Ocean. Artists and singers gather here on Sunday afternoons, so it’s an amusing place to come.


El Cristo Rey.


Representing Christ the King, a statue 26 meters tall is located on top of the Cerro de Los Cristales. The statue is similar to Corcovado’s Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The monument, made of iron and concrete, was erected on 1953. It is a great place to hike while enjoying the views as you ascend admiring the sculptural work of artist Carlos Andrés Gómez.


Iglesia La Ermita.

untitled3Known for its Gothic style and located in the downtown area of Cali, La Ermita (the Hermitage) is one of the most emblematic icons of the city. The temple contains fabulous pieces of religious art preserved for over three centuries and outstanding architectural elements brought from abroad and its bells, which were brought from France. The main altar that was sculpted in Carrara marble, the musical clock and the windows representing the twelve apostles come from the Netherlands. Its magnificent iron doors were crafted by students of the Municipal School of Arts and Crafts in Cali.






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