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Alls Museums on Cali

Museums Located in the cultural area belonging to the “Banco de la Republica” in downtown Cali, an impressive security vault guards the most exciting treasure: the magnificent archaeological display of pottery and gold from pre-Columbian cultures that inhabited the region. This cultural space also hosts a small gallery of art, the Regional Documentation Centre, a roadshow room, a music auditorium, a Bookshop and offers anthropological films screenings to visitors’.


Tertulia Museum

Museums Founded by a group of visionary ladies, this space was conceived with an extraordinary sense of functionality, which places it among the best of its kind in the country. It is the most iconic artistic center in western Colombia, as evidenced by its sober exhibition halls, theater, experimental cinema and its superb bandshell. Its collection consists of 1,500 artworks from all over the American continent and it is a statement of the museums activities and interests.


Museum of Natural Sciences

MuseumsIf you are a science lover, this is a space you’ll love. Named after a biologist, ornithologist and a visionary scientist, recognized due to his actions for the conservation of nature in Colombia, the Federico Carlos Lehmann Museum of Natural Sciences, located in the heart of Cali, has collections of zoology, archeology, and ethnography. The skeleton of a humpback whale welcomes visitors at the entrance and prepares them for being amazed by the installations.


Calima Archaeological Museum

Museums Located a few minutes from Lake Calima, the Calima Archaeological Museum exhibits, in 15,000 square meters, more than 1,800 archaeological pieces, which are a valuable demonstration of the cultures that inhabited the Cauca Valley region before the arrival of Spanish conquistadors.


Museo Arqueologico La Merced

Museums Housed in former convent La Merced (the oldest building of Cali) this is maybe the most important museums of the region, thanks to its large and impressive collection of pre-Columbian pottery and religious art, left behind by the major Amerindian cultures from central and southern Colombia: Quimbaya, Calima, Tierradentro, Nariño, San Agustin, and Tumaco.









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