Street food and beverages

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Street food and beverages

From simply delicious fruits to elaborated dishes, this region has the best flavors to offer. Right there on the street food, informal vending spots would bring you a wide variety of products. So, with that though in mind, we provide you a list of must-to-try preparations:

Aborrajados – a sweet plantain-deep fry snack stuffed with white cheese.

Arroz atollado – one of the Cauca Valley most popular dishes, it’s a sort of risotto with chicken or meat, potatoes, and sausages.

Bocadillo de Guayaba – a fantastic dollop of sweet guava paste eaten with a delicious slice of local ‘cuajada’ cheese.

Street Food Buñuelos – sweet fried doughnut balls made of wheat flour, sprinkled with sugar or coated with honey.

Champú – part beverage, part dessert, is a very exotic mix of pineapple, “lulo”, sweet corn grains and a plant called “limoncillo”… just delicious!

Chicharrón -glorious salty fried pork rind.

Cholados – a refreshing combination of shaved ice and local fruits and a topping of raspberry and sweet condensed milk sauces.

Cholados de Cali
Cholados de Cali

Chontaduro – is the peach palm fruit, sold on the streets as a snack, sprinkled with salt or honey.

Empanadas – fried corn pastries stuffed with meat, chicken, pork or vegetables.

Guarapo – a unique refreshing drink made of freshly pressed sugar cane juice, ice and a squirt of lemon juice. When it’s made from brown sugar panela is called Agua de Panela. Delicious!

Street Food
Guarapo de Cali

Jugo de Lulo – (Lulo juice) one of the most populars of all local fruit juices.

Mango Viche – green unripened mango slices, sold on the streets and eaten with salt and lemon juice.

Manjar Blanco – a distinctive Colombian dessert made from cooked sugar and milk. Simply glorious!

Carros de manco biche de Cali
Mango biche de Cali

Marranitas – a sweet plantain-deep fry snack stuffed with “Chicharrón” (fried pork’s skin).

Pandebono – a distinctive baked bread stuffed with cheese, perfect for breakfasts.

Sancocho de Gallina – the most popular soup, made of hen, potatoes, corncobs, and herbs. There’s no other comfort meal like this.


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