The 7 wonders of Boyaca

Boyaca, the one you will only listen to people speak wonders about. House of the poet Julio Cortez and the painter Romulo Rozo;  the district named by Simon Bolivar as The Cradle of Liberty has many incredible things to offer to tourists.

Only seven may not do justice to this spectacular land, but with the passing of time some places have become the 7 wonders that you can find in Boyaca:


1. Paipa: The Natural Spa

This town is famous in Colombia because of its many hotels and hostals that offer baths with volcanic thermal waters.



2. The wonders found in Valle de Tenza

A beautiful natural landscape full of mountains is the delight of many tourists, a perfect place to be in contact with the wild life. One of the most common activities practiced in these mountains is birdwatching.



3. The mysterious treasures in Boyaca

Part of the places that inspired the wonderful legend of El Dorado. The museums in Boyaca display magnificent treasures that were hidden by the indigenous population when the Spanish conquerors arrived in Colombia.



4. Villa de Leyva

The paradise of archelogists, Villa de Leyva is a small town regarded as the place in Colombia where you can find the most surprising architectonic wonders depicting the colonial past lived after the conquest.



5. Tota’s Lagoon

An amazing lagoon located in the middle of the mountains, with inspiring shores where you can relax and enjoy the water. Boyaca also has beaches to offer!


6. Mountains in Sierra Nevada

The most astonishing view of mountains you can see in Colombia, Sierra Nevada from  Güicán, El Cocuy and Chita with mountais of more than 16,000 ft of height over the level of the sea. Yes, heaven on earth for hiking.



7. Tunja

The capital city of Boyaca, a place with many culturally emblematic places. The streets are full of history and it has remained over the years as one of the most religious cities in Colombia. The cherry on top of this wonderful adventure! 


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