The Best Place for Salsa Dancing: Cali’s City Fair

Salsa is for sure the king music genre in every party. Very tropical and with a flavor that invites you to dance the whole night, there is a place in Colombia well known for being the craddle of the best singers and dancers in the world, as well as having an impressive fair where not hundreds but thousands of tourists meet to watch the most amazing dancing spectacles, that place is Cali.


Dancing, dancing and more dancing in Cali

This is a city where people dances instead of walking. Always with a  big smile on their face, people from this wonderful city invite you to take part in the amazing fair they host every year.

With more than 300 teams doing their best to win the most important latinamerican dancing competition, also known as the World Championship of Salsa. You can feel the energy of these powerful dancers in every move they execute! And they are all very well prepared for this meeting in Cali!


5 Complete Days of Rumba and Salsa!

Every year the fair surpasses last year’s fair. 2016 was an amazing year for this event and had incredible teams with spectacular moves, most of the representative choreagraphies that the public liked the most were from legendary artistis such as Celia Cruz, Hector Lavoe & Michal Jackson!

What are you waiting for?  Visit Cali this year and have an amazing time dancing for a whole week! 

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