The Coffee Triangle


Colombia is widely known as the second biggest coffee producer in the world, only surpassed by Brazil. Nevertheless, the marketing strategies and treatment this delightful and popular beverage receives in Colombia have positioned it over the years as the best coffee one can find and the place where the magic happens as one of the best places for tourists.


Considered by UNESCO as one of the most important humanity heritages in Colombia; The Coffee Triangle has more than 20,000 farms which serve as a home for around 80,000 people who make a living off its production.
coffee plant

Part of the coffee plantation

Once people visit this part of Colombia, they immerse themselves  in a world of different occupations, tasting the production process is one of the main attractions for tourism. Tourits  are able to taste the beverage’s culture, routes that cover the coffee triangle reconaissance are done by the hand of the farmers themselves, letting tourists take part of the planting, collecting, drying, toasting and final tasting of the product.


So many birds!

Whilst the processing of the seeds and the transformation into its final drinkable form is the main attraction in this place, there are also many things to appreciate if you visit The Coffee Triangle, around 1.000 bird species crowd the place, being themselves attracted to the plantations because of its trees.

bird tree

Crafts for memories

Roads surrounded by beautiful architecture and many mountains decorating the place. Crafts are sold, being the perfect souvenirs for tourists’ families or friends once they are back to their countries. Trips are very traditional, spiced by the farmers telling stories about the plantations and how the biggest coffee culture has grown and changed with the pass of time.




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