The TOP 10 things to do in Boyaca

An amazing land, with many awesome cultural destinations to visit and activities to be done during your stay. Boyaca, positionates itself as one of the most appealing districts in Colombia and one precious stop for tourists who want to live an unbelievable experience.

We present a list of 10 impressives things a visitor can do while visiting this historical land, of course some of “The 7 wonders of Boyaca” will be mentioned.


1. Visiting El Pueblito Boyacense

A small town with many astonishing buildings show the architectonical potential this district has.


2. A bungle in Tota’s Lagoon

The wonderful Tota’s Lagoon offers tourists a little piece of paradise where they can try the delicious water located in the middle of the mountains.


3. Crossing the historical Bridge of Boyaca

One of the many works done to commemorate the struggle for independece is this bridge. Cultural Heritage of Colombia.


4. A cultural stop for tourists at Villa de Leyva

Even though it is a small town, it is well known as one of the cities in Colombia with the most surprising historical architecture. The central square is one of the preferred gathering points for Colombian people and of course a place a visitor cannot miss when visiting! 


5. Taking a relaxing shower!

Paipa and its thermal waters are a required stop for tourists who want to relieve pressure by trying the volcanic natural spas or visiting the acuatic park!

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6. Do you like cheese?

At Paipa you can also find the legendary cheese that has become part of the cultural profile this place offers tourists when they come to its land. 


7. Crafts and Masato in Raquira

Raquira is by far the perfect place to buy souvenirs to give to your family and friends once you are back from Boyaca. They also offer the historical beverage called “Masato” which in other parts of the world is called “Chicha” that is a delicious sweet drink made of rice or corn and mixed with cinnamon very common.


8. Hiking in Sierra Nevada

Mountains from the Sierra Nevada located in Güicán, El Cocuy and Chita are the perfect place for tourists who enjoy hiking.


9. Precious trasures from El Dorado 

Treasures hidden by indigenous population in Boyaca were part of the inspiration for tales such as the one describing El Dorado, the mystical city made of gold. So far no one has found the city from the tales but some of the treasured that inspired the creation of it are still in Boyaca.



10. Visiting the Pantano de Vargas

A historical battle was held here in Paipa, a magnificent sculpture serves as cultural proof of the battle. Surrounded by beautiful nature visitors can imagine how it became a battleground when Bolivar  ordered the troops to attack!



Top 10: ¿Qué hacer en Boyacá?

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