The Touristical Paradise of Guatape

Guatape is located in the western region of Colombia. It is about 70 kilometers from the city of Medellin and it is one of the smallest municipalities in Colombia but that does not limit its touristical potential.


There are many attractions you can do in this incredible place that are worth mentioning. Here we have some of the places you can visit in this wonderful paradise:


The Water Reservoir from Guatape

This impressive water reservoir becomes the perfect touristical attraction for visitors who enjoy practicing nautical sports. You can go on boat trips, try jet skyiing and many other activities.

Touristical Little Town of Baseboards

The little town of “Zócalos” is crowded by beautiful and colorful houses that transmit happiness by just barely looking at them. Little towns in Guatape keep the old culture alive. Many other great cultural places are located here such as the church named “Nuestra Señora del Carmen”.


A Paradise Surrounded by Mountains

You have everything you need in this paradise! If you feel like canopying then you can try in one of the parks Guatape has. You can even visit the graveyard that still exposes some tombs made by indigenous population centuries ago.



High mountains and wonderful water! Visit Colombia now and have that incredible experience you have been looking for!


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