What can we find in The Coffee Triangle?

Once you are in The Coffee Triangle you will find yourself surrounded by a lot of nature, you can either select an adventurous route or a more peaceful route when touring. Extreme sports such as hiking, rafting, rappelling are some of the ones you will be able to try in this place. With beautiful landscapes serving as a companion for your journey, a lot of new experiences await in this beautiful place, and of course, a lot of coffee!


The coffee farmers’ welcoming attitude

It does not matter the place you visit as a tourist, being well-received and feeling comfortable with the people you are in contact with is very important. The farmers and people living in the rural area of The Coffee Triangle tell stories about what the life in the farms is like, the tales they used to listen to when they were growing up and that they now tell to the youngest ones.


Blessed water from the mountains

Whenever we are tired or stressed we tend to say “Oh my God, I need a spa.” Well, in The Coffee Triangle this is more than a simple day to day expression. Thermal waters and natural spas are everywhere! Walking the mountains looking for thermal sources is one of the most rewarding experiences you can try while you are touring in The Coffee Triangle. But if you want to go straight to the natural spa and have a moment of relaxation you can for sure find not one but many spots to relieve yourself from pressure.


A sight for sore eyes

Colombia is a beautiful country and UNESCO naming The Coffee Triangle an heritage for humanity was not an arbitrary decision. Not only impressive landscapes and views crowd the place but also the architectonic elements you will find in the cities of Pereira, Manizales and Armenia. Astonishing buildings from other times, sculptures and crafts will mark your memory.




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